How to Wash Your Windows like a Real Expert

Cleaning your windows is one of those chores which you don’t like but have to do from time to time. Having sparkly-clean windows will change the way your residence looks as a whole. Basically, there are many techniques and methods you can utilize to get the job done. This blog will give you some useful tips:

Remove stubborn stains first. Look at the glass from inside and out and try to remove all stubborn stains first. You should know that your glass is constantly exposed to the weather conditions, bird droppings, and other flying debris. So, if you want to perform impeccable window washing, you should start with the stains if there are any.

Remove all stickers and decals. Do you have kids who love decorating your windows with all types of stickers and decals? Their removal could be a challenge. For this purpose, you need to spray them with clean water and wait for a couple of minutes. Holding your scraper with one hand and a towel wipe in the other, you should begin scraping them gently from below. Be careful not to scratch your glass.

Clean all the screens. This is a task which is strongly recommended to be executed at least twice a year. Every time you wash your windows, you have to remove the screens and vacuum the dirt and dust inside them. You can mix warm water with vinegar, spray a little bit on them, and wipe them dry with a clean and soft cloth.

Wash them from the outside. If your windows are too dirty and stained from the outside, you can use a hose with warm water to wash them.

Now is the time for the actual cleaning. Every professional window washing service provider will tell you that you will have two main options. You can either go the nearest store and buy high-quality glass cleaners or prepare a home-made product. You can mix water with a regular liquid soap. Now wash them both from inside and out using a ladder to reach the difficult to reach areas. After that, you have to wipe them so they dry out more easily.

If window washing seems a difficult job for you, you have an excellent option, you can hire Window Works. We have been serving the community in Ogden, UT for many years. Trust us and contact us at (801) 547-4669.